Tough but beautiful – amazing moth orchids

by | 11:00 pm

Every supermarket stocks them, friends give them as thoughtful gifts, you might want to treat yourself to something beautiful at the florist; Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) are attractive and hardy, but I am constantly asked how to take care of them.

First, they dislike a lot of water, just a splash twice a week is fine and make sure they don’t have wet feet. If you are in an office which has dry air, check to see if it needs a little more water.

Don’t cut the flower stalk after the blooms have dropped, as this is where the next ones will appear. Sit the plant somewhere out of drafts, but where it will receive muted or sporadic light. Try not to place it where it will get the full afternoon sun for more than an hour; facing north or east is good if that is possible.

They are at their most beautiful when in bloom – which can last for months, but I love their big fleshy leaves and think they are lovely all year round.