The duty and beauty of bees

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Life for humans would be bleak without our precious pollinators, bees.

Bees have been working with man since the Stone Age and ever since we learnt to grow food, farmers have developed a very productive partnership with the bees, relying heavily on their pollinating services. We can thank these brown beauties for making fruits such as peaches, plums, apples and mangoes possible!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve read something to do with the current global bee crisis, due to a catastrophic fall in their populations. These pollinators rely heavily on a pesticide free environment and we ain’t helping much! The reason I bring this up is so I can let you peep into my passion and love for these sweet buzzing souls.

About two years ago now I read something similar to what I just wrote above and felt seriously concerned and equally intrigued. I wanted to do something about it, I wanted to be involved, so I signed up to a bee keeping course which was run over two weekends. We learnt the basics. I was 20 at the time and the only person there under the age of 50, so I become as intriguing as the bee keeping lesson itself. The man who ran the course was rapt to see an intent youngster and helped me to then set up my very first hive.

Once in place, I let my humming hive sit for about four weeks before I opened it up and I will never forget that moment. I had ordered my suit online. I had to sew some elastic in the back so it would fit my body; I sure looked like a beekeeper, but it was obvious I was far from confident or sure about being one.


Extremely nervous about lifting the lid, I took some deep breaths and readjusted my veil. Then, as a slight gap was made and opened slowly wider and wider, until I had removed the entire lid, my eyes widened and my heart beat increased, my palms were sweaty and my knees shaky! It was love at first sight, and wow what a beautiful sight!

Bees at workAs spring continued to blossom, so did my love and confidence for the bees. I wasn’t too concerned about trying to rob any honey, but rather keen to simply observe. Although, when I did catch sight of that golden glow I couldn’t help but stick my finger in for the first lick…it sent shivers through my system and I’m pretty sure lots of pretty things flew out my ears!

Now I don’t know life without bees; they have become a significant part of my growth – it is possibly the most wholesome pursuit I have ever come across. I have a whole new perspective on nature; I can clearly see how important these creatures are, unbelievably essential to human existence.

I want to welcome you to the duty and beauty of the bees.

– elissa

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