The nitty gritty

Our lil motley crew Liz Beale, Dale Johnson and Ross Peck, met doing Swinburne’s Diploma of Landscape design in Wantirna and jumped at the chance to participate in this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) Avenue of Achievable Gardens. Studying in the precinct of Knox, we were blessed to experience an impressive array of green spaces and implemented Water Sensitive Urban Design systems, and upon discovering the council’s ‘Garden for Wildlife’ program, we were very excited to put our collective weight behind the initiative. As lovers of plants, insects and animals, we have a strong drive for meaningful design; creating, sharing and providing for a whole range of species in mind. The Awash with Nature crew - Liz Beale, Dale Johnson and Ross PeckPicture courtesy of Eric Holt Photography With a longstanding interest in permaculture and sustainable design, I am all about diversity. Mother, plant geek, photosnapper, I have a rather wild menagerie deep in the hustle of the big smoke. Dale has an interest in edible and native plant design, and is lucky enough to be a little further out, where roos and bunnies abound. He currently cares for 2 sweet-as-button calves and one mightily-impressive bull. Ross has a long standing nursery career under his studded belt and has now turned his focus primarily towards landscape design. Pugalier lovers extraordinaires Ross and his family live happily out in the leafy greens. The Awash with Nature Achievable Garden at MIFGSPicture courtesy of Eric Holt Photography The bush and ocean have always been our favourite places to immerse, and I myself am lucky enough to escape to Moggs Creek (Great Ocean Rd) on the regular. Now there’s some proper habitat in action! Plenty of our plant pallet are seen doing their lovely thing in the beautiful Otways, as well as Knox, and throughout the Greater Melbourne area. We want to sing praise to some of the ridgididge legends working in the indige plant field. Indigenous nurseries play such a vital role in keeping in existence plants, insect and animal species. We feel they should be supported in landscape design whenever possible. Awash with Nature Achievable Garden at MIFGSPicture courtesy of Eric Holt Photography We were asked at MIFGS – won’t the insect hotel get all messy? Hells yes! That’s the exciting bit! Signs of life are the ticket to exciting my little world! Personally, I have found bug-snapping a wonderfully therapeutic tool for getting me out of my own head in times of stress. This is my fave pic from MIFGS…Spider at work in Awash with Nature's MIFGS Achievable Garden A most exciting discovery in the last few minutes between calling ‘time’ and disappearing off site so the judges could do their thang…freaking perfect! Awash are continuing to work together out in the real world, with some of our current exciting projects in Daylesford, Greensborough, Northcote and Balaclava. Covering lots of ground with our habitaty-ways! Awash with Nature's beautiful glowing log light at nightPicture courtesy of Josh Beale To see more about our achievable gardens MIFGS project or to contact us regarding any future employment activities you can find us on Facebook, Instagram or visit awash with nature.