Sage – Common

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Sage: Botanical name – Salvia officinalis

OGA Certified Perennial to 60cm with attractive grey leaves & showy blue flower spikes. Grow in sunny position. Bee attractant. Used for herbal tea, cooking, seasoning and hair rinse. 

  • Grow in full sun or part shade
  • Rich well-drained soil
  • Sow all year
  • Cover seed in a pot or garden bed with 5mm of soil, can be transplanted to the garden at 5cm and spaced 50cm apart; keep moist & feed with liquid seaweed extract regularly; can be grown around other vegetables and flowering annuals. Cut back to promote new growth.
  • Bee attracting
  • Maturity at 75-80 days after sowing, can harvest leaves from 50 days after sowing

Organic, untreated, non-hybrid, non GMO open pollinated seeds

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