Sunflower – Mammoth

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Botanical name – Helianthus annus

One of the largest sunflowers, growing up to 3m high with large yellow flower heads to 40cm across.

One flower head of the sunflower can contain up to 2,000 seeds. The sunflower goes to seed in late summer and autumn; seeds can be dried and eaten; sunflower buds can be picked in early summer and steamed and eaten like artichokes. Once the sunflower blooms, its bright yellow petals can be added to salads as a colorful garnish just like calendula or chrysanthemum petals.

Organic, untreated, non-hybrid, non GMO open pollinated seeds

  • Full sun Moist, rich well-draining soil
  • Sow in mid to late Spring
  • Bury seed to 2 cm directly into the garden bed and keep moist
  • Once they are 10-12 cm tall, thin out the seedlings to 40-50 cm apart
  • Flower heads mature up to 100 days after sowing

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