Emmaline Bowman – STEM Landscape Architecture & Design

Emmaline Bowman – STEM Landscape Architecture & Design

Meet Emmaline Bowman from STEM Landscape Architecture & Design and have a look at her MIFGS 2017 Award Winning Boutique Garden design ‘Wild at Heart’…

Growing up on a Dairy and Beef farm between Rosedale & Maffra in East Gippsland, I was connected with the land at a very early age. Rehabilitating the creek that flowed through our property was my earliest encounter into gardening for the environment and I guess that is where my passion for the environment and animals developed.

I discovered how native species of plants rehabilitated into the creek banks attracted birds and insects that had not lived in the area for over 100 years. I noticed how rotting logs from old trees and fence posts encouraged reptiles, small mammals and insects and how certain plant species along the creek would clean the once clay infused water. I witnessed the establishment of a new thriving ecosystem on the fringe of farmland, where once farming practices swept away all native vegetation, fauna and ecosystems. My observations began in childhood, but as I became more aware of the different ecologies, my passion for designing ecosystems was ignited. I wanted to bring all these plants and animals back and to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy and to love our natural beauty as much as I do.

STEM's incorporation of water in the landscape is beautiful

My business STEM Landscape Architecture & Design has achieved this dream; I now design a range of different projects, such as vertical wall gardens, to designing lakes and water habitats, a winery, backyard gardens, Wildlife Park and animal attracting gardens.

Our philosophy is to help people reconnect with plants, animals and ecosystems. I also believe that every answer can be delivered when you look into nature and that the environment and biological principles should always be incorporated into every design.

Recreating what has been lost in our urban environment can begin in the backyard. Individuals, families and children in particular, can once again learn and explore an environment of natural plants and wildlife and understand that we can co-exist with our native landscape even within urban areas.

The lovely Emmaline

Emmaline Bowman
Landscape Architect

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